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2018Q1 Body jam 84 tracklist
01 Saint Bass City Rockers.mp3 
02 Unforgettable (Mariah Carey Remix).mp3 
03 We Be Burnin' (Recognize It).mp3 
04 Grrrrrrrr.mp3 
05 Don't Quit.mp3 
06 Now And Later (Henry Fong Remix).mp3 
07 Badam.mp3 
08 Questions.mp3 
09 Wobble & Jiggle (Extended).mp3 
10 EIGHT.mp3 
11 Sorry Not Sorry.mp3 
12 Annihilate.mp3 
13 Fracture.mp3 
14a Scream (Extended).mp3 
14b Scream (Extended).mp3 
15 Begin Again.mp3 
16 This Feeling (Kryder Remix).mp3 
17 Rollin'.mp3 
18 Smash This Beat.mp3 
19 Hula Hoop.mp3 
20 Off The Hook (Mark Sixma Extended Remix).mp3 
ALT 09 Wobble & Jiggle (Extended)_Hula Hoop.mp3 
2018Q1 Body jam 84 videoscreenshot
 Body jam 84 DVD & mp3 download Body jam 84 DVD & mp3 download Body jam 84 DVD & mp3 download Body jam 84 DVD & mp3 download
018Q1 Body jam 84 Choreography Booklet.pdf
The Warmup hits you in the face with MASSIVE
contrast. You need to nail the big Arm Circle into
the backward turn, then sauce it up with super
smooth Shoulder Rolls. Like you’re covered in
honey people!
12-Count Combo
? Feet outside shoulder-width, knees soft, arms
long, hands relaxed
? Slow Shoulder Roll back, super smooth,
elbows soft
? Wide walk the feet, chest lifted, hips rock side
to side, slow transition to face left diagonal
? 3 steps across, at shoulder-width, back leg
crosses behind, hips transition corner to
? Feet outside shoulder-width, hips to corner,
front knee bent, double stomp front foot
small, hips surging forward
? Shoulders rolling back, double time, chest
lifted, soft fists above hip-height, elbows in
? Back turn, feet hip-width apart, arms long and
? Feet outside shoulder-width, walk the feet,
slow, knee lift to below hip-height, arm circle
forward, at full extension, tight fist
? Triple time, head and shoulders loose, weight
shifting side to side, arms strong
? Jump on the spot, feet shoulder-width apart,
knees soft
? Arms over head, hands to the high diagonal,
palms forward, elbows soft, super loose,
natural bounce of the arms
? Increase range
? Chop It In Half
? Rhythm: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


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