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2018Q1 GRIT CARDIO24 tracklist

01 Origami (Dirty Zblu Remix).mp3 
02 I'm Not Lost_Red Handed_Try.mp3 
03 Bring The Funk Back.mp3 
04 All Goes Wrong_Right Here Right Now.mp3 
05 Everything (VIP Remix)_Lit Up_Lying To Me (Not Your Dope Remix).mp3 
06 Bring The Funk Back.mp3 
07 No Games.mp3 
08 Be Happy.mp3 


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018Q1 GRIT CARDIO24 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Your members are in for a massive workout! Instructors know the fitness benefits from HIIT and how
awesome it feels, so share that excitement and energy from the start of the class. Set up simply, bring
lots of energy and get the atmosphere amping, just like Caley.
0:05 Jog OTS
0:25 High Knee Jog
0:44 High Knee Run
0:53 Drop Squat (F+B) (x2), Squat Jump (x1)
1:12 Drop Squat (L+R diagonal) (x1), Squat Jump (x1)
1:32 Mountain Climber
1:42 Typewriter Mountain Climber (x4) (L+R)
2:06 Typewriter Mountain Climber (x4) (L+R), Pushup (x2)
2:34 Long Jump F (x1), High Knee Run B
3:03 Recovery 
LES MILLS GRIT CARDIO 24 ? Les Mills International Ltd 2018
01. ORIGAMI 3:07 mins
Space out cues – there’s lots of time to build up
into each move. Use the time in the Jog for some
of the class setup (eg options and cardio focus).
Also, break down and explain the new Typewriter
Mountain Climber move thoroughly.
Now is a good time to set the feel of the
workout. Enjoy the funky music and create the
atmosphere of a bunch of mates working out
? Knees soft
? Chest up
High Knee Jog / Run
? Chest up
? Abs braced
Drop Squat
? Feet start outside hip-width, then jump
wide as butt drops into Squat
? Jump back to center, staying low in the legs
? Use Squat to absorb landing
? Chest up
? Abs braced
? Knees track out over toes
Squat Jump
? Feet outside hip-width
? Knees track out over toes
? Use Squat to absorb landing
? Chest up
? Abs braced
Mountain Climber
? Start in Plank position, then drive alternate
knees towards chest
? Hips square to floor
? Abs braced
? Back long, strong and straight
? Butt down

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