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2017Q3 SPRINT 09 DVD&mp3 download

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2017Q3 SPRINT 09 tracklist

01 Invincible.mp3
02 Find Me (LAAW Remix).mp3
03 Waist Time.mp3
04 Trust.mp3
05 Right Here.mp3
06 We Will Be.mp3
07 Can’t Hide.mp3

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2017Q3 SPRINT 09 Choreography Booklet.pdf

0.05 INTRO
30 seconds Power Training. We Stand for 20 and Sit
for 10. Load is Moderate – Heavy.
Start to move the legs. Add weight to the wheel,
find a connection that grips and grabs the muscle.
0.54 M-H Stand 20secs Power
Sit 10secs
1.29 REST
Two more blocks to get our bodies fired up, so
let’s fine tune the Load.
Get the Load in the muscle. We are not just
adding Load, we are feeling weight!
1.52 REST
2.15 M-H Stand 20secs Power
Sit 10secs
2.50 REST
Feeling the heart rate rise now, we’ve got one
more. If you’ve got more in you, challenge the
beat, move a little quicker!
3.14 M-H Stand 20secs Power
Sit 10secs
3.49 REST

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